ina Russell is a prophetic revivalist traveling from cities to nations spreading the Gospel of His love, repentance, salvation, and deliverance in Jesus' name.  With a heart of evangelism and the lost, Tina continues to minister prophetically to people wherever she goes from the streets to the pulpit. She is the founder of Regeneration Revival Meetings, the #JESUSMATTERS movement, and Dare 2B Free podcasts to help anyone break free from bondages and trauma.

Tina Russell has become a prophetic voice to break the chains of darkness that bind the lost and heal broken hearts through the anointing of Jesus Christ.  The prophetic visions the Lord has given reveal A GREATER GLORY coming forth as hearts are softened and refreshed again. But we must get ready to receive the Supernatural Release from Heaven as God begins to manifest His Presence, Power and Goodness to His people until His Return; but not without repentance (Acts 3:21).

Tina Russell is answering the call to recover the lost, open the eyes of those who are spiritually blind, religiously bound, demonically oppressed, battered and bruised to restore them to an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.