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Thank you for helping us financially to continue in our mission to see 2,200 souls be Reborn, Refreshed and Restored from 2020-2022. God's promises of His blessings do not depend on your current situation. When you sow into our ministry you are enabling us to see souls get Reborn, Refreshed, and Restored through street ministry, the Virtual House of Worship, and our Dare 2B Free podcasts! 

We believe and stand on His promises to produce some thirty, sixty or a hundred fold in your finances and you shall receive eternal rewards! His word never returns void; but will accomplish what it is sent out to do for you! (Matthew 13:8, Isaiah 55:11).  





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reaching 2,200 souls to get Reborn, refreshed and restored from 2020-2022.  Want to give to a soul who has been reborn, refreshed or restored? donate a t-shirt!

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